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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Summer Daze

Once Summer hits I pull out my cut off jeans. I love them! They go from being paired with a tshirt working in the garden to a shell top and jacket to a Barbeque.

Today I had to run errands at the mall and then, make a quick escape to attend a pool party with my son. After that, I caught up with my husband to attend a barbeque in the park. This outfit got me through from activity to activity.

similar items:

brown leather flip flops

Cut off jean shorts

teal sleeveless top

white utility jacket




I love my cut-off jeans. When you find a good pair of jeans and the knees blow out, only throw them out if they are out of style. If still in style, cut them off! You know they fit. Get a whole new use out of them.

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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