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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Color Coordinated

My family celebrates Easter. We attend church and host a family dinner at our home, followed by an Egg hunt. It's my favorite part of the day but, the kids are all getting older and it's getting less exciting for them. I think I'm going to have to borrow some friend's grandkids so I can continue in the fun.

Traditions are part of what make events memorable and part of our tradition is that I put together outfits that color coordinate for our family at Easter. It started when my kids were little and I just kept doing it. Now, my two older children are adults and married and no longer have me dressing them for events. (Believe me, they are all too happy about this!) But, my husband and my teenage son still fall victim of my coordinating. It's tradition!!

So this year, our color scheme is teal and white. I want the guys to be comfortable so, I'm not putting them in ties; that's just not who they are. I chose a Lands End teal with white stripe non-iron shirt for my husband and a teal linen camp shirt to go over a white tee for my son. I'm wearing my teal blazer over a white Ann Taylor sheath dress. So, when the candid family pictures happen, we will be matching.

A few throwback photos of my Easter outfit obsessions.

Top Left: John and Kacie Spring 2001

Right: Kacie, Charlie and John - Easter 2006

Family photo: Easter Day 2003 (you can't tell but, we were in blues and tan)

Here's to family traditions.

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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