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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Yay! Fall is my favorite season! I love layering and textures and not having to wear a winter coat. Today is really the first day I have felt that I have dressed for Fall-ish weather. We've had another rainy day and the temperature has been cooler. So, I pulled out these new Tom's "Leila" black wool felt booties that I got early last Spring, at the end of the boot season. Today was the first day I got to wear them. Since they are gray and black, I wore my gray denim double breasted jacket as a top with a lace tank underlay, Banana Republic skinny jeans, and these Tom booties.

As we pull out our booties and start wearing them again, remember to show about two fingers width of skin between the top of the bootie and the hem of the pants.

Happy Wardrobing!


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