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Fashion Show Review - I AM Fabulous produced by I AM Sarah Edwards

Minnesota Spring Fashion Week kicked off on Thursday, April 25th; events running through May 5th. I love seeing the local fashion scene and getting artisticly inspired. I try to attend several events during this week each year. So, I called my sister and asked her to attend the I Am Fabulous fashion show on Sunday, April 28th at the Hutton House in Medicine Lake, produced by Sarah Edwards. I had not attended it before.

Sarah Edwards is the producer and inspiration behind this show. The uniqueness of this fashion show is that all the models are over the age of 60. Sarah's inspiration is her knowledge that beauty comes in all shapes and age and that there is a beautiful thing that happens when women have lived life fully.

Sarah's dress for the event was designed by designer Ramadhan with one of Sarah's favorite Theodore Roosevelt quotes on the front, "Comparison is the thief of JOY."

My sister's outfit: similar links

Vintage Dana Buchman leopard print blazer

Denim wrap belt

My outfit: similar links

red and pink striped "project runway" dress

Vintage Lilli Ann Yellow coat

Vintage brooch callage

This is the third year for the event. It has been in different venues each year as its followers have grown.

Arriving to the event, we checked in and walked through an open area of pop-up shops in the entrance of the Hutton House. Local venders displayed products such as: original jewelry, makeup distributors, novelty food items, and clothing boutiques. A Sigma Beauty makeup artist gave tips and colored eyebrows for free. So, my sister and I indulged. When in Rome!

Mimosas we're served from The Tiny Tap van, parked right in the showroom, adding an extra fun element of novelty. Food was provided by Agra Culture , along with mini cheese cakes and coffee. Our palates were not lacking for taste options.

The show began with Sarah greeting the audience and telling a little about herself. She introduced the first model in a bright floral one-piece pants outfit that looked vintage yet, ontrend. Each model wore one outfit and Sarah told of each woman's life adventures and experiences that made each unique. Truly, every woman is and individual a one of a kind.

It was more than a fashion show; it was an empowering message about aging and the beauty of aging. I enjoyed it and caught some of the models in their outfits after the show. It was a day of reminding me that "Comparison IS the thief of Joy" and no two women are alike. Embracing our uniqueness is what is beautiful.

For more information and to watch for this show next year, follow the I AM Fabulous Facebook page.

Happy Wardrobing! You are Be-YOU-tiful!

Kathy Banta

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