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Buy-of-the-Week: Work cardigan

What it is

I am featuring two finds this week

Why I bought it

Many of my clients work in offices, or are in professional settings where a third piece item (blazer or cardigan) is appropriate for their work wardrobe. In the last few years business casual has become very popular but, I am seeing the pendulum swing a bit back towards formality. I think what I'm seeing is women who desire to keep moving forward in leadership, realizing that if you want the part; you need to dress the part. Dressing the part gets you noticed.

I look for items that are both professional looking and comfortable, flexible and move with ease with your body. These cardigans do just that, yet they have more style than the traditional cardigan. AND...what I really like about them, is that they come in color options!

Where I bought it

The Milano crop sweater jacket is from White House Black Market. The INC cardigan is sold at Macy's.

How will I wear them

Both cardigans are versatile to be worn over a dress or skirt and top combo. But, they will work with denim and booties for a night out, too.


The Milano crop sweater jacket = $110.00

The INC cardigan = $69.50



Happy Wardrobing!


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