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Buy-of-the-Week: Denim December

What it is

Why I bought it

Honestly, I have been frustrated with my jeans for some time. Stylist Sydnie is awesome at finding jeans for her clients so, the two of us went out jean shopping, a couple weeks back. We went to Nordstrom, Banana Republic and Opitz. Having Sydnie's second set of eyes helped me see the details and the fit.

(I found it frustrating that I never could truly see my back side in the mirrors at the stores because the three way mirrors were stationary.)

My favorite jeans are my Levi 545s but, the problem is, is that they have been discontinued for several years and mine are so worn out that the life is gone from them. I have to find new jeans.

When I worked at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor, over five years ago, both companies allowed their staff to wear the company plain pocket jeans to work. So, while working at these stores I bought their jeans. Since then, I have come to realize that a little design detail on the pockets breaks up the appearance of a wide space. For me, I want to avoid plain pocket jeans. Sydnie told me I should get smaller pockets that aren't so wide apart. This made sense to me.

I decided to go to the Levi's store with a hand mirror so, I could see what my backside looked like in the three way mirror. I took an armful of jeans into the fitting room and came out with two. 1. 720 High Rise Super Skinny (practical must-have style) 2. Destressed 501 Taper Jeans (I really like this pair). The pockets are landing where I want them to land; not too far apart. I don't want that flattened butt look!

Know that, one brand does not fit all. Pants are some of the most challenging items to fit women and that includes jeans. We each have curves in different places and so, we need to find that unique fit that flatters our unique shapes.

Where I bought it

Levi's store - Mall of America





Happy Wardrobing!


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