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Stylist Saturday: Suit Up

Today, August 11, marks mine and my husband's first wedding anniversary. As we reflect on all of the vivid moments, I wanted to focus on one for today's blog; my husband's suit.

A suit is one of the most valuable investment purchases of the wedding.

I'll tell you why. The groom is going to get to wear the garments again; together and separately, for years to come. Of course his size may change over time, but there is always the option for alterations.

When making the purchase, we went with a company we had used for a prior formal occasion; Indochino. This company now has a store front at Mall of America.

A person is able to make

an appointment, get measured, pick out fabrics, stitching, pockets, and essentially, create a custom suit tailored to that individual. It is also possible to submit your measurements online, but for the most accurate results, it's best to go to their store location. The suits are starting at $499; truly a steal for a suit made to fit. After receiving, if it's not exact, they will tailor to accommodate. It is a top recommendation to our male clientele.

Keith's suit vision for our wedding day was something that reflected a GQ magazine. He is very particular about fit. It must be slim; aligning the torso and shoulder with absolute perfection. On bottom, he went slightly trendier, exposing the ankle. A similar suit option can be found here.

If you or one of the men in your life needs help finding the perfect suit, we'd love to help through the process!

Cheers and happy styling!



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