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Nordstrom: Kathy's Picks

As I shopped Nordstrom's sale online I found myself not looking at the beautiful dresses that typically catch my eye or the statement heels. I was drawn to what my daily need is right now while I'm confining myself to my house; comfortable, cute, workable clothing.

I think it's healthy and important to get up and dress for your day. My family could easily slip into the routine of living in their pajamas while were staying at home. But, I don't think that is a positive habit to get into. So, we've been starting our days together exercising on our exercise machines in our activity room. We are reading together in the evenings and playing boardgames in the afternoons. I have been loving the family together-ness. It felt confining at first but, we're on day six of not leaving our house and all is well. So, with the thoughts of polished comfort, that is usable beyound this situation; these are my finds.

1. Sweaty Betty Escape Luxe Hoodie

What a comfy option while home with the kids that will be a go-to long after this time of seclusion.

I love the thumb holes, too. Thumb holes are always a cozy feature to me.

2. Olukai Ohana


I love a comfy flip flop in the Spring and Summer. I wear them around the house all year round! I just got the cognac brown leather option in these. But, the pop of color makes for a fun option, too.

3. Zella Getaway Packable Jacket - This is my favorite pick. I love third piece (layering pieces) options for warmth and to create an illusion of a curve at my waist. With the waist details and pockets at the hips, this is a great piece! Again, this seems like a comfortable practical piece I would use all Spring and on a Summer evening. Even though we are homebound, this would be cute and comfy for activities in the backyard and I will definitely use it for years to come!

4. Gibson x International Women's Day Anna Joggers -

I don't want to be in my PJs all the time but, it doesn't hurt to be as comfortable as if you were in your PJs! I love joggers! I wear them with heels and a blazer but, while homebound this is just easy and cute!

Wishing you and yours well.

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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