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Product Review: HotShotHeels

It was by pure coincidence that I found Valerie Peterson on LinkedIn. (I don't believe in coincidences.) Her background picture is a black and white photo of high heel pumps. Her company name is Hot Shot Heels. I began to read and I found myself interested in Valerie's product and story. I reached out to her and eventually we met for coffee and I saw the kind and warm person that she is.

Several years back Valerie's son, Scott, had bought a pair of boots for his wife. The first time she wore them the heels got scuffed. This is a situation that I could all too well relate to. I recently had a brand new pair of nude pumps that were ruined on a cobblestone driveway. As a person who wears heels often, and likes the look of them, this is a frustration. When Scott saw his wives' new boots scuffed he thought back to walks with his grandfather, who walked with a cane. His grandfather put a shot gun shell casing on the tip of the cane for reenforcement and detail. Using a 45mg colt shell casing, Scott covered the scarred heel of his wives' boots. They were refreshed with a bit of a new attitude.

When Scott showed his mom, Valerie, what he had done to save the boots, she knew he was on to something and her entrepreneurial spirit took it the next step. It's been a journey. After toiling over the design, Hot Shot Heels (HSH) became a new product for women shoes. Since its conception, they've added a heel foundation to help with stability. For the fun of it, a variety of colors were added. They created the branding with a HSH etched on the heel protector, solidifying it's authenticity. Going forward, they are about to add varying heel size options.

When I reached out to Valerie to find out more about her product she sent me a sample to test on my shoes. I have plenty of heels but, I didn't have a thin enough heel option to fit the casing. So, I bought a pair of Sam Edelman heels to see if there was a difference in walking with these on my heels. They were great! I didn't notice a difference in the feeling of my step at all.

I'm not the only stylist to consider the potential of HSH. Hot Shot Heels made it to the Holly Wood red carpets last year as a tool stylists carried with them for their clients, just in case disaster struck their heels. For me, in a day when we have become more conscious of waste, this product gives my shoes a second chance before they are thrown away.

Last Fall, all seemed to be coming together. Valerie made a website and started getting the word out among friends. But, life has hills and valleys. Tragedy hit in February of this year, when Scott was killed in a car accident. Valerie's world stopped. The thought of continuing on with this endeavor didn't seem possible. But, Scott's daughter, Evelyn, encouraged her grandma to keep pursuing this in her Daddy's memory. Evelyn has been the fuel to get Valerie moving and dreaming about the potential of this product.

I recommend Hot Shot Heel protectors as a product for repurposing and adding some attitude to your heels. For more information go to:

HotShotHeels - designed to highlight and protect your heels.

Stylist Kathy Banta

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