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"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I could not be happier with the service I received from Kathy. I have never had a real ‘fashion sense’ and the fact that I am plus size – does not make it easier. Kathy walked me through my closet – for each piece of clothing I had, she told me why it looked great or why it needed to go. I learned so much from her and will forever be a smarter shopper.  I love my new, more tailored look – but more importantly, Kathy instilled a level of confidence in me and made me feel so good about myself. Thank you so much, Kathy!" - Jill


"You have really changed my life-- how I feel about myself, how I see myself, and my confidence. Meeting with you was truly one of the most significant things I have ever done and I am so, so grateful that you are remarkably skilled. I just couldn't believe how many things you grabbed fit perfectly and looked great. You are remarkable!" - Theresa


"I’m really enjoying all of my new clothes and new looks so much!  Thanks again for all of your help, and I’m looking forward to shopping with you again next year!!" - Kristine


"I would highly recommend working with Sydnie on the closet analysis and shopping trip. She really got to know my style and lifestyle first, then we went through everything in my closet. She showed me new outfit ideas for some old favorites and gave me ideas on what I could add. I've never had so much fun shopping. She went to the stores ahead of me and had everything ready. It was so efficient. I got tons of outfit ideas right there in the dressing room. And after our shopping trip she sent me links to items she had suggested but did not find. I haven't felt this put together since before I had kids!  Thank you Sydnie!" -Rebecca



"After my two hour session with Jessica, I had lots of new ideas of how to wear my existing wardrobe (in ways I would have never thought about on my own), lots more room in my closet so I could see the things that truly fit and that I really love rather than an overcrowded closet and lots of ideas of new things that I might want to consider adding to my wardrobe.  I'm not a shopper, but I can't wait to go shopping now that I have some very specific ideas of what will make me look my best and what items will complement the things already I own. Jessica took lots of pictures of me so that I can look back and be reminded of the different outfits and looks we put together.  A nice, convenient record for me! Later that day, Jessica sent me a report (notes) of our session and the items I might want to consider adding along the way, with links of examples and "where to shop" --- so easy and convenient.  I'm going to print out the list and tuck it in my purse so I'll have it to refer to in my travels.  Our session was so much fun and enjoyable ---- it was like spending time with Stacey and Clinton (What Not to Wear) but so much better because it was in the privacy, convenience and "safe harbor" of my own home and bedroom. Such fun. If you want to truly treat yourself and spend a bit of time just on you, consider calling Jessica at A La Mode Wardrobe Consulting.   Your closet and self confidence will thank you big time." -Diane


"Carly is so comfortable to work with- which is saying a lot when you’re in your own closet! Her recommendations were very clear and gently delivered. I learned so much in our first session and Carly sent a well-organized summary with many links to where to buy online the next day. I'm looking forward to another appointment to purchase for fall/winter and know I'll be avoiding costly mistakes with her organized help. Thanks Carly!!!" -Linda 


"It has been about three weeks since you provided me with my new clothes and a day has not gone by without someone commenting on my appearance.  I believe the clothes catch their eye and then they notice that I've slimmed down.  You did an excellent job of taking me out of the 90's and out of my comfort zone." -Anthony


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Kathy Banta and À La Mode. I needed to update my work wardrobe, and was looking for very particular things. Kathy was such a huge help in finding bright colors, and different pieces that I can use for many types of outfit combinations. She also did her research in my field of work, so she was ready to go as soon as we met up. Kathy is upbeat, fun, energetic, and kept us on task. And even better, the whole time it felt like I was shopping with my best girlfriend. I feel like I have much more knowledge about how certain clothes fit my body type, as well what kinds of styles, cuts and colors look best on me. She also picked out, and put together pieces I would have never thought of on my own. Kathy really cares about your experience, and making sure you get everything you need in order to feel good about your body, and your new clothes. I would highly recommend Kathy. You will not be disappointed!" -Sarah


“Carly is fantastic. I always have such a great experience and won't shop without her!”


"Like so many people, I am a busy working mom without much time (or inclination) for shopping. The three hours I spent with Jessica were so helpful! She really opened my eyes to different styles and colours that I wouldn't have even looked at before. I can't believe how much we found in that short time, and she explained how to mix and match to create many different outfits. I've received lots of compliments from my family and colleagues at work. She is a real pleasure to work with - the experience was definitely worth the trip from Canada!" -Donna


"I am loving my new clothes. Especially using the new belts to change the look of an outfit. My daughter and I are going spring shoe shopping on Friday. I like the ideas you sent me for shoes to wear with the new pants. This year I actually have a choice of nice clothes to wear on Easter!  Your help has changed the way I look at shopping for clothes. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for everything Kathy" -Ann M


"Sydnie was lovely to work with during our consulting session. She really listened to what I was looking for in my needs and desires in my wardrobe. I appreciated how she processed through my existing clothes to create new outfits. Sydnie also took attention of my price range on I wanted to spend and really stuck to it. She made the experience one to remember " -Kara


"As I felt winter breathing, I dreaded it more for my meager, tired wardrobe than the ice and snow. I knew I looked sad and it translated into my persona. Having you do the closet analysis has turned out to be much more than a lark; it’s lifted a burden. The items tossed aside brought relief rather than disappointment and I’m quickly seeing what’s left in fresh and interesting ways. I may still shop with a sense of insecurity, but I know my understanding is developing and in the long run it should spare me the expense of poor choices. I’m really excited to have come so far so quickly thanks to your guidance." -Gail


"The wardrobe overhaul and shopping day with Carly was the best money I've spent in a long time. Carly was very kind while helping me toss out 1/3 of my tired clothes, and having her help at the mall was incredible. I really don't enjoy shopping, but we were so efficient that I have a full, new wardrobe and I actually enjoyed the process. Carly is the best." -Jenny


"My experience updating my wardrobe with Sydnie Bertrand was fantastic! I am home with my kids most of the time but also work part time in kids fitness. Thus, I have lived in athletic wear and old jeans for a long time and was looking for updates that were practical, comfortable and “REAL CLOTHES”  to run kids around, wear to work (which is fitness but I don’t always want to wear athletic gear) and some nice but comfortable shoes other than sneakers.  Sydnie was fantastic in going through my closet and having me try everything on looking at it's fit and wear and tear. I knew there were some items I was holding on to but just needed to let go of and with Sydnie’s help and kindness, I did!  Our shopping trip was also organized, efficient and fun I found some great new pieces and tried on styles I probably would not have ever tried. It was wonderful to see what another person’s perspective is and what other brands and options are available to me. My goal has been met and I know now how to do the ‘belt tuck’, wear more flattering styles and fit, find quality brands but within my budget and I didn’t have to spend hours trying to find something I liked! Shopping has always been hard for me because I didn’t really know what I was looking for. This helped me prioritize my needs, get rid of old stuff I should have tossed long ago and freshen up my wardrobe so I can be comfortable and up to date while out and about. I feel much better now and my kids ask why I am ‘dressed up’ in my jeans and military jacket!! It sort of is ‘dressed up’ for me!  Thank you Sydnie for your much needed assistance! "-Laura 


" I used to dread opening my closet every morning to a sea of black and my usual thought of: "I have nothing to wear." Well, I used to think that way until Jessica changed my whole approach to fashion. I've always loved to shop and considered myself quite stylish, but Jessica opened my eyes from everything to mixing my standard black pieces with interesting patterns and feminine accessories to just how important the perfect fit truly is. With her wonderful sense of humor and sweet encouragement, it felt like hanging out with a best friend... a best friend who knows how to utilize my wardrobe in so many different ways. Whether I am going to work, on a first date, or out for a night with friends, I always have the perfect outfit in my very own closet. I can't thank Jessica enough for all her help. 

Now the only thing I have to dread in the morning is the line at the coffee shop." -Alison


"Kathy - I really enjoyed our session today. Thanks very much for your great advice and tactful honesty! I couldn't believe how many outfits you were able to make out of all the mess in my closet and it was terrific having someone I could ask for so much advice. I love the new looks and feel like your advice was spot on. Not only do I feel like I have so much more to work with, I feel inspired and more confident to continue what you started and try some new things I never would have considered before. And it was fun, too! So, many thanks for all your help. I am sure I will be in touch again in the future to do this again." -Laura

"I really appreciated how you made me feel comfortable with my current wardrobe (both good & bad) and quickly provided ideas on how to make it fresh & current!" -Kim


​"My wife surpirsed me with a personal shopping gift, and I didn't really know what to expect for the consultation.  All I knew was I was sikc of wearing polos and button-down shirts everytime I was going to "dress up", and Carly took care of the rest.  She sent me a general overview of our shopping list after the consultation to give me an idea of what we'd be doing.  The shopping experience was far better than I could have anticipated.  Carly scouted all the stores we shopped at and had plenty of clothes ready to try on, plus the big dressing rooms since we were trying on lots of clothes.  She was very quick to search for a size up or down if it was ill-fitting, and was very honest about what worked and what didn't.  She made overturning my wardrobe very easy.  I walked away with tons of outfits and pieces that I could use in multiple arrangements, plus a nice variety of casual, weekend, and work outfits.  And I ended up loving a bunch of pieces that I would NEVER have taken off the rack, let alone tried on.  It was a great experience shopping with Carly, and I highly reccomend her services to anyone." - Justin


"Awet, the time spent with you was valuable. My goal was to gain a new insight into fashion and incorporate my style for my age and body type, and you have helped me understand. I have called many of my friends to brag about our afternoon, I hope they will consider your services. You have a talent!" -Anna


"Carly is wonderful to work with. She is professional, non-judgemental and a warm, easy going woman. I took a chance after bumping into her web site accidentally and I was well rewarded. My husband loves my new look. I love it too. I didn't know which direction to go fashion-wise but Carly asked all the right questions. I'm a homemaker who has neglected style for too long and I was a bit embarrassed by that. Carly was just like one of my sisters sitting on my closet floor showing me what worked for me and what didn't. When we shopped she worked with my budget and stayed within it. I found new stores and new ways to look at building a functional wardrobe! As you can read, I highly recommend her services to everyone, in fact I'm nudging my husband already. :)" -Betty


"I was shopping for a birthday gift for my niece and I don't know anything about teen girls.  Samantha helped me pick out the perfect gift, and my niece loved it!" -Tim


"Fashion and shopping are torture to me but the experience I had with À La Mode Wardrobe Consulting was enjoyable and productive.  I learned simple tips to make my outfit go from drab to fab and overhauled my wardrobe with stylish, comfortable clothes within my budget.  Carly was professional, kind, and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend working with À La Mode again, I know I will" -Wendy


"I love my new wardrobe, more compliments everyday, thank you!  I have given out Carly’s and A la Mode’s information to recent college grads and other men and women who are looking for a closet audit and wardrobe update.  I am also very excited that I don’t have any pressure to shop for myself this entire summer and have enough outfits that I like and feel good in to get me through any event that comes up.  My closet is clean and organized so there isn’t the wasted time staring into the closet, trying to put together an outfit and hoping it looks good – it’s all done for me." -Nancy


"I wanted to extend a thank you for the work you did for Carol and
myself. We felt you delivered exactly what we were hoping for in a
personal shopping consultation.I wore the formal dress to my interview and used your advice to purchase a few more items. The good news is I got the job! We are very appreciative of you making effort to accommodate our specific needs and time restrictions." -Shane


"Carly helped me far more than I ever expected - I consider myself a reasonably stylish person but after two kids had no time and interest to shop and was unhappy with my wardrobe. She took the time to sit down and understand my style and what I wanted and needed. The closet analysis was terrific for weeding out items that weren't great, learning new style guidelines (some of which I had never heard and make total sense!), and putting new outfits together. But it wasn't until the shopping trip that it all really came together for me. I didn't understand or maybe believe that many of my own things were outdated until I tried on new things in the store and Carly showed me how to put new things together. It finally made sense why I wasn't that happy with what I had. She whipped me through several stores and picked out everything for me to try on, but at the same time never rushed me and wanted to make sure I was happy and comfortable before deciding on things. It was the best way to shop ever – and I am now wearing colors, patterns, and styles that I really like and would never have picked for myself. I am really happy with my clothes for the first time in a long time and finally feel like it’s been easy to get dressed in the morning and feel good about what I’m wearing. I highly recommend doing both the closet analysis and the shopping trip to get the full benefits and a proper education (or re-education in my case). Carly is also incredibly responsive and organized and I have appreciated the documents she has created for me and email follow-ups. I worked with someone else once and that was useless in comparison. I want my husband to work with her and he has been reluctant in typical guy fashion but in the meantime did the email outfit advice for a new suit and she quickly came back with a couple of cool options I also wouldn't have thought of, along with guidance on how to style it in different ways. Highly recommend Carly and will be working with her again in the future!" -Maya


"My daughter and I got to meet with Carly and had the best experience.  I walked in totally confused, but by the time we left I had tried new styles and combinatoin that I would have never tried before, and was very surprised how much I liked them.  Carly was so easy to talk to and she shared so many little tips that now make sense.  It was an educational, fun and relaxing time, Thank you Carly!" -Cheryl


"I have never been so comfortable.   Nor have I ever felt so attractive and appropriate at the same time.  Thank you for helping me find this balance." -Patricia

"I had tried shopping on my own many times and was consistently disappointed with advice I received from the employees of the clothing stores.  Carly's approach to building my wardrobe was exactly what I needed.  She listened to what I was interested in, understood my employer's dress code, and presented her own ideas on what would be best.  Through the closet analysis, pre-ordering, and a few hours of shopping, I had a full wardrobe that was exactly what I had been trying to piece together for many years.  Carly was amazing to work with and I would recommend her to any guy who is tired of sub-par trips to the local clothing stores." -Patrick


"I must tell you...a co worker of mine (whose style I envy), told me if she could raid anyone's closet, it would be mine! What an awesome confidence booster that is all thanks to À La Mode :)" -Sara


"I've definitely had a different perspective on how I dress and how I shop for things. I like having a more defined list of things to look for instead of just picking out things that catch my eye (and eventually may never wear). Plus I'm looking at my existing wardrobe in a different light, pairing things I would never think to do before."  -Andrea


"I've been fortunate to find a great stylist in Awet.  She is great at listening to my preferences and picking out pieces that feel like me.  She is exceptional in making me look feminine and presentable.  She has a truly unique style which is obvious in the multiple compliments I've received with my apperance.  I would highly recommend her!!!" -Gloria


"Working with Carly and A La Mode has been a great experience! The closet consultation was informative and useful - I was able to immediately "revamp" my existing wardrobe with new looks and ways of styling my pieces.  And, Carly is great about following up with detailed notes and recommendations.  So, if you are forgetful like me, you will not lose what you learned. :) Following the closet analysis, Carly accompanied me on a shopping trip to help fill in missing pieces in my wardrobe.  Not only was her insight extremely useful during our trip, but she was so well prepared, having "pre-shopped" the day before to optimize our time together." -Tracy


"I AM LOVING MY NEW POLISHED LOOK! Your recommendations have worked  across the board, as a working woman, mom & wife.  My additional assortment of clothes have made my mornings go a lot smoother and I feel much more confident! THANK YOU CARLY!!" -Lisa


"I can't believe what great progress we made.  I really appreciated your style, quick decisions, and wardrobing ideas." -Heidi


"As a mom with twin toddlers I find myself last on the list of priorities as we try to leave the house each day.  And, even though I'm back in my pre-baby clothes I haven't felt good about how I look or what I put together in quite some time.  In a few short hours and one shopping list later Carly had me back on track.  I can honestly say getting dressed for work or weekends is much easier.  I feel put together and much more like "me".  Better yet - I feel like I have a plan to enhance my already existing wardrobe in a manageable, affordable way.  I highly recommend working with À la Mode.  Carly is fun, professional and approachable.  I had an awesome afternoon with her,  it was such a treat." -Marie


"I was working in New Hampshire this week and a woman I worked with many years ago in MA didn't recognize me.  She said I used to dress so "plain Jane" and now I had style!  Thank you for putting me on a better path!" -Pam


"Thank you for a very productive and non-threatening shopping experience last night!!  We purchased as many clothes in 1 night as I have probably acquired over the past 10 years combined, but with much greater long-term wear ability.  I really appreciate all the work you did in advance to keep things moving forward for me." -Jay


"I knew I needed help…I just didn’t know what I needed!  I caught myself saying, “I would never have put those pieces together!” or “I didn’t think of that combination!” over and over again during our time together.  I feel so much better about getting dressed for special occasions as well as everyday life!  I came away from this experience with a lot more confidence, ideas and knowledge about what looks good on me."-Barbara


"When I hired her, I thought she was just going to help me accessorize my current outfits but instead she found new ways to utilize what I had to flatter my figure.  It was definitely eye-opening and a great experience and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to get a little more out of their wardrobe.  Her suggestions of other items to purchase were so helpful as well.  I'm a mother of 3 who has very little time to shop so the links to the products online made it easy for me to add a few more pieces without spending a lot of time!  I plan to use Carly's services for years to come!  Thanks Carly!"



"Having Carly come and go through my closet was one of the best investments I have ever made. I gained a whole new perspective on the clothing I currently have, how to work with them and what I should add to my wardrobe to help me look more like a young professional. Working with Carly has completely changed how I will look and feel from this day forward!"-Sara


"If anyone is looking for a spectacular wardrobe consultant that is by far the most skilled and prfoessional of them all, connect with A La Mode Wardrobe consulting. As a woman who really does dislike shopping for my own clothes, my wardrobe needed help. Carly efficiently put my closet into order, telling me what to keep and what to consign and little tricks along the way. We then went shopping together and filled in the gaps. I can't thank Carly enough as I absolutely love the leaner look of my closet and knowing what to wear. She is wonderful and I recommend anyone considering a closet makeover to check her out. Great to utilize on any budget! Thank you Carly!"-Amanda


​"Carly's services came at the right time! With two small children, a new and active business, and a hatred of shopping, my wardrobe needed help. Carly efficiently put my closet into order, telling me what to keep and what to consign. We then went shopping together and filled in the gaps. I have used personal shoppers before and Carly is by far the most skilled and professional of them all. I send friends, family and clients her way regularly and look forward to our twice a year check-ins!" -Julian


and we could go on and on and on....





Abott Northwestern Hospital​​
Allina Health
Becca Sabot Photography
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Boston Scientific
Capital Property Mgmt.
Compass Group
Edward Jones
Faegre Baker Daniels
City of Forest Lake  
General Mills
Girl Scouts of America
Glue It
Gray Plant Mooty
Hamline University
Health Partners
Land O'Lakes
Linnihan Foy Advertising
Linquist & Vennum


Merchant & Gould
Minnesota Landscape Aboretum
Minnesota Pulic Schools
Pioneer Press
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Roseville Public Schools
Scheid Photography
Sitting Pretty Decor
Small Change Project
Smiths MedicalS
Star Tribune
St. Thomas University
St. Jude
Tactile Systems Technology
The Natrue Conservatory
Twin Cities Live
UBS Financial Services
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota Medical
University of Minneota Phamarcy
Wayzata Public Schools
Wells Fargo
West St. Paul Parks & Rec


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