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We pride ourselves not just on our fashion knowledge, but more importantly our customer service & are constantly hearing from clients how seamless the process is and how comfortable we made them feel. We will always give you our honest opinions, but are just normal gals who are fashion experts and love helping others!  If you still are unsure after checking out our website and clients reviews, set up a free initial consult to meet with us face to face!



Fashion wasn’t always on Sarah’s radar. As a little girl she was a self-proclaimed tomboy who only wore dresses if they could pass the twirl test. Her first taste of fashion came in the form of doodling figure skating costumes she hoped to wear during competitions. Later on in high school after taking a sewing class it occurred to Sarah that her skating dress doodles could be more that just a way to pass the time but had the possibility of a future career. Since that discovery Sarah delved into the world of fashion, devouring books, acquiring a large collection of fashion magazines and studying apparel merchandising at South Dakota State University. She learned a lot about the world of fashion and its many working parts but a class reminded her of the personal side of fashion, Social and Physiological Aspects of Dress. Why do we wear what we wear? Our clothing is a reflection of who we are on the inside; family, culture, beliefs, age, and interests all play a part in how we decide what to put on our bodies. Sarah wants to help woman find their style to best express themselves while at the same time finding the right fit for their body type. 

Through a program that partnered South Dakota State and the Fashion Institute of Technology Sarah headed off to New York City for 18 months. There she studied at FIT, worked as a stylist with Elegantees, participated in fashion week, job shadowed at Bloomingdales and took in the many experiences of the city.  After earning her associated degree at FIT, Sarah left New York and went back to South Dakota to finish her bachelors Degree at SDSU. While she loved her time in New York her heart is in the Midwest. She is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to Sioux Falls and share her love of fashion.




E-mail Sarah at or give her a call at 605-215-0994.

Please include the following in your message:

  1. Services you were hoping for

  2. Availability for appointments

  3. Overall style (so we can set you up with the perfect stylist!)

  4. Typical sizes for tops, pants, and shoes

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