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Stylist Saturday: Un-Hemmed/Frayed Jeans

When I first saw the un-hemmed/frayed jeans, I shook my head. I thought, "Not gonna happen!" I looked at them and felt too old for the trend. But, as many of my clients know, I tell them that style is not defined by age.

I often quote Christian Dior saying, "As far as fashion is concerned there are only two ages - girlhood and womanhood." But, I always add my own twist and say, "And then there is just poor taste!"

I thought about this trend and decided, age had nothing to do with it. I just needed to style it tastefully. So, I took my own medicine and purchased a pair of American Vintage denim, putting this look together. I wore it last week, for an afternoon walk with Stylist Sydnie on St. Paul's Grand Avenue, as we searched for people to stop and take pictures of for our Street Style blog posts. #StreetStyleMN

Maybe the un-hemmed/frayed look is not your thing. That's okay! But, I challenge you to not be limited by what you think a certain age should look like. If I were ninety years old, I would wear this outfit for this trend season.

Remember: Style is timeless, it's not meant for a certain age group.

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