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Stylist Saturday: Front Row Fashion

Stylist Sydnie and I are going to the "Fall: Into Luxury" fashion show at Morie's Luxury Auto in Golden Valley, hosted by the Fashion Group International. So, the question tonight is, "What should I wear?" Yes, even wardrobe consultants ask themselves this question. I looked at my closet and wanted to say, "I have nothing to wear!" But, I have plenty to wear. I need to take some time and figure it out.

Fashion shows and events are always interesting. People come in a wide, wide range of apparel. Some will wear leather pants and a ripped shirt and call it "artistic expression". Some will be in sequins from head to toe. Many wear black, black and more black (it's easy). While others, wear their own creation and often quite interesting ensembles. I love the arts. I love freedom to dress the way you please but, truth be told, I'm not too daring. I like classic styles with a flare.

My recipe for dressing up is to wear something classic, a fun print or texture, and adding a bit of interest or bling. Some women can wear silk from head to toe and look so sophisticated. But, I like the process of creating an outfit; it's art, it's an expression of who I am.

So, I went to my closet and looked for a fun print, focusing in on my leopard print skirt. Now, that I picked a skirt, I needed to pair it with a top or jacket. I decided to stick with the black foundation top and a black jacket with a textured yoke collar. For a bit of flare, I added a green belt and black Patent heels. I pinned a cluster of antique broaches to the yoke of my jacket and grabbed a vintage purse to carry.

Now, I know no one else will be in the same outfit! I'm ready to attend this event.

So, when you are pulling an outfit together for a special event, remember:

* something classic

* a print or texture (sometimes both)

* a bit of interest or bling

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy Banta


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