Stylist Saturday: Spring Beauty Essentials

This Spring the fashions are gorgeous!!

It is so much fun and feels SOO good to update a Spring wardrobe!!

I've listed here what I think are the most essentialmore elements to complete your look to feel your best and present a confident you!!


A sweep of bronzer will warm your face for a healthy sun- kissed glow. Brush across your cheeks, forehead and nose to give you a beautiful summer glow ( and also your declollete!)


Just a little mascara will open your eyes and make you look alert and polished... people look at your eyes all day long!!

HIGHLIGHTER My very favorite new makeup must!!!

Highlighter; it softens your face while giving you a gorgeous glow! A little brush of highlighter above your cheek bones and the middle of your forehead, nose and chin...Beautiful!!


A little lipstick goes a long way! Lipstick is so important. It can be any color you love. Light pink, coral, bronze or red! If you just cannot do color... a clear lip gloss or balm gives your face a finished look!

SUNGLASSES Sunglasses are an important look for Spring! Not only functional, but a fun and important item for a Spring and Summer "look." You can choose a fun lighter pair than you would wear in the Fall and Winter

HEELS A heel of any height makes us women feel pretty! They will add to a feeling of confidence and compliment your figure. You do not have to go too high.. comfort is also key!

Have fun with this!

Enjoy the beauty of Spring!

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