Fashion Advice: Shoe details to remember!

I am almost nervous to write this blog, as I know my writing will not do these shoe pics justice, but a huge thank you to Becca Sabot Fashion Photography for the AMAZING pics to accompany this blog!

I talk a lot about what makes a shoe good and not so good with clients each day, so today I would like to share my finding with all of you. This is a great piece of information to keep in the back of your mind for the next time you are purchasing shoes, as it will make your purchases last longer and help give your body a fabulous proportion!

1) Toe Shape:

An almond shaped toe is the most timeless, classic, and flattering shape. Whenever possible go for an almond!

2) A Streamlined Heel:

Almond shape gives us great proportion in the front, streamlined heel gives us a great line from the back!

3) Texture and Pattern:

Whenever possible, buy a shoe with texture. If you are trying to step up your fashion game it is the simplest way to add some flare, while still being a great basic that matches with anything!

4) Toe Cleavage:

All of my clients laugh, but seeing a peek of your toes elongates your legs even more. Who does not want a longer, leaner looking leg?

Wow….I am going to spend the next few hours looking at these pics….hope you all enjoyed them and their beauty helps you remember these great styling tips for shoes! Have a fabulous weekend full of beautiful shoes 🙂

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