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Buy-of-the-Week: Ruffle Sleeve Sweater

Where did you buy it? Ann Taylor

How Much? $34 on sale

Why did you buy it? I was intrigued by this when I saw it online, but didn't love the look on the model. When I saw the quality in person I immediately tried it on and instantly fell in love. This is my ultimate type of top. I feel like I am wearing pajamas and can wash it, but still coming off looking stylish and unique. I also love the look of a bell sleeve, but have typically found them impractical. This is super flattering on, but I still can move my arms and hands easily!

How do you wear and pair? With denim shorts (heat wave!) now, planning on wearing it with distressed denim in early fall and black/gray denim all winter. For a speaking engagement or something dressier (or if you are looking for a work outfit) will definitely match it with a pencil dress pant or pencil skirt!

Final rating?

5 Stars


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