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Buy-of-the-Week: Full Length Mirror

What is it? A three-way full length mirror.

Where did you buy it? Ikea

How Much? $119.97

Why did you buy it? I wanted to see my back side along with my front side, so for my birthday I asked for a three-way mirror

How do you wear and pair? I know! This is not what you expected me to feature in the “Buy of the Week” blog post but, it is surprising to me how many homes I go into that women do not own a full length mirror.

Often, women are trying to get a good view of their outfits in a dresser mirror that only gives them the view of their upper half. Others are doing a balancing act standing on the side of their tub to try to get a good view in the mirror above their restroom sink.

This problem could be easily solved with a Target full length mirror for $5.69. That’s a disposable rate, well worth experimenting to see if it is truly worth an investment.

Final Rating? A definite five stars

Here’s to looking at YOU! You’ll never have to wonder if your shoes go with your outfit again!

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