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Fashion Advice: Scarves

I've been seeing a trend that has gotten bigger and bigger, literally. What started as a fun accessory has become a cover-up.

You're probably wondering what I'm referring to.

I'm talking about scarves.

We've embraced the winter scarf and taken it from an outerwear accessory to almost the equivalence of a third piece wardrobe item, such as a jacket or vest.

Scarves are fun accessories that can give a basic outfit some color and fun. But, are you drowning in your scarves? Do others see more scarf than you? If so, your scarf is too large.

The selections in stores seem to be favoring scarves that are large enough to be warn as a swimsuit wrap. But, we really do not need this much fabric around our necks.

A fuller scarf can add bulk for those who desire a more busty look. But, in the same vein, for those that are busty, more fabric gives the appearance of more weight.

What should we be looking for as a smart scarf purchase?

Silk and light weight fabric scarves are thinner and often a quarter the size of knit and cotton scarves.

Here are some fun ways to wear a silk scarf!

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