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One-on-One: Client Wardrobe Overhaul Review

At À La Mode Wardrobe Consulting, we beyond love what we do! It's about making connections with the people and creating stronger, confident individuals. Here is a little follow-up from a client and her storymore with our services:

What brought you to wanting A La Mode to help you with your wardrobe? Reviewing the website talking about the company and the stylists as well as the reviews it sounded like a good place I could trust to start to help me with my wardrobe

How did you feel during the process between closet analysis and shopping? I thought it was great! I think the closet analysis helped to make the shopping experience much better.

What was the most challenging? Being open to a new way of thinking about clothes and trying new things.

What was the most rewarding or eye-opening? Finding clothes that I felt looked good on me and that I felt comfortable in. There were also clothing items that I was completely disregarding because I didn’t think they were for curvy people.

Now that all is said and done, what does your wardrobe say about you? I think my wardrobe is still a work in progress and that’s me. I’m always trying to find ways to improve myself and be happier. My wardrobe is about being comfortable while looking good.

Other thoughts?

À La Mode Wardrobe Consulting Client Personal Review

Going into this experience I was concerned about getting the wrong stylist. I was worried that the stylist wouldn’t know what to do with a curvy young woman and that they wouldn’t consider what I was looking for just what they wanted me to look like.

I tried one other stylist with a different company and that’s exactly what happened. She didn’t listen to what I wanted or needed; instead she just wanted me to wear heels all the time. After first talking with Sydnie, all of those worries went away because I could tell that she really cared and was investing in helping me with all the ideas and research she was already doing.

Our shopping trip was so much fun because she had everything already planned and clothes ready for me to try on, so no time was wasted, plus I really like Sydnie because she’s fun and easy to talk to. I felt like I was shopping with a girlfriend which also made the whole experience easier and 10 times more fun. From this experience with Sydnie, I feel more confident with the clothes that I wear.

We love our clients and followers! You guys are what make our business a success!

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