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Stylist Saturday: Bridal Shower Dress

It's officially 27 days until I get married. These last few weeks are flying. The beginning of July, I actually went home to South Dakota to attend my bridal shower. I wanted to wear something fun and girly. I know many times the bride wears a white dress to this event, but I went for a bolder choice. This summer, the hot color was flame orange. My soon-to-be husband, happened to give me a lovely fit-and-flare dress in this color from Banana Republic. We had been eyeing it when it first came out towards the end of winter.

Some attributes that I love about this dress:

1. Those laser cut-out details give an added texture without having to incorporate additional colors.

2. Since the dress is fit-and-flare, it helps balance out proportions. This actually works for a wide variety of body types so definitely keep it in mind. I have a slightly larger bust, so the fact that the skirt portion portrays some volume makes the body look more hourglass.

3. A prior buy-of-the-week I did showcased a favorite pair of Franco Sarto orange suede wedges. These match impeccably with the dress so the outfit itself just feels so cohesive!

This dress was a total win for me. Here are some alternative ideas for those of you looking for a similar dress. Option 1. Option 2.



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