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Back to Basics: Shapes

Today I am discussing the trend of geometric prints. The prints are often times symbolizing strength and confidence through use of hard lines in contrast to a person's silhouette. In addition, a person can be perceived as bold with the use of vibrant color choice.

If you think back to the 60's of the mod dresses and mini skirts, those characteristics immediately come to mind.

Not only did they portray being very "out-there" but many of the garments in this time period were inspired by the very popularizing POP ART!

"Yves St. Laurent was inspired by modern art to design a series of “Pop Art” designs in 1966, including adapting a Piet Mondrian painting into a simple shift dress." (60's a Go-Go)

This iconic dress is one that many always reference back to the 60's for its signature statement.

That is the wonderful aspect of using geometric prints in a garment. A person does not have to think much further as a pattern sometimes speaks for itself. Adding much more to it could make it come across as gaudy and over-done. This is great news for those this season who like to have a simple, put-together style with effortless flare. I always recommend to people who do not accessorize much to play with prints; whether it be on top, bottom or even a handbag.

Allure shared in October 2015 how this trend would continue to be a hit through the season and I think they are spot on! We have definitely seen it in various places. Some are very stream-line geometric shapes while others gather their inspiration from other cultures. Depending on the specific culture, these geometric prints often symbolize something greater beyond the clothing.

This is where the respect factor plays a huge role in the fashion industry in which we are designing and wearing pieces created from the idea of cultural diversity in a very tasteful manner as not to offend or make light.

Whatever your rhyme or reason for wearing geometric pattern, do so proudly! These pieces are one-of-a-kind statement wear that is bound to bring you a great look!

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