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Buy-Of-The-Week: Stylist Kathy

This past Spring when Covid first took over our lives, the stylists at A` La Mode would have zoom meetings to catch up and keep each other inspired during this much more isolated time. During one of these chats Stylist Devin introduced us to Trinny Woodall. We all started following her on Instagram and fell in love with her energy and dreamed of her wardrobe. Trinny is a walking commercial for Zara. So today I feel a bit of Trinny talking over my shoulder as I showcase my buy-of-the-week.

Where: ZARA ​​

Cost: originally $49.90 but is now $25.99

Wear & Pair: This little black dress is so playful and fun. It is a three tiered dress with lots of fullness. In the cold weather, it will be easy to wear a body suit and tights for warmth under it. And it could be sassy with knee high boots.

It could also be paired with leggings and a sneaker.

I kept it simple by pairing it with black tights, black aquatalia suede booties and my black and white Chanel necklace. A simple statement of FUN. The A-line shape of the dress works well with my straight figure; giving the illusion I have curves and featuring my legs. This is going to be a fun addition to my wardrobe!

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Life's too short to be boring!

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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