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Buy-of-the-Week: Scarves or in 2020 Facemasks :)

Other than my scarf I got last season (which I can't find anything similar for under $500 and I don't want any of you spending that much on a scarf!), I haven't bought a scarf in probably three years. Being 2020, I have however bought a gazillion facemasks.

While I find most of them to be fine, my first buy for my kiddos has been a home run from the get-go. I know a LOT of friends who have had trouble finding a mask their kids love, so I thought I would share that here today instead of a scarf.

My kiddos love has been the old navy facemasks for kids. They are fun patterns, they are cheap for five ($12.50), and my kiddos always reach for them first. Below is my little guy on his first day of school rocking one of his.

Is 2020 over yet?!? Big hugs to all,

xo Carly

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