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Buy-Of-The-Week: Animal Print Scarf

I do not think of myself as a person that wears scarves. But, looking through photos over the last two years says different. I prefer large square scarves that I tie two corners together and I drape like a cowl peeking through the lapels of a topper coat. When worn like this scarves become a statement piece and the textures and color show personality. This scarf in the picture is from Ann Taylor three years ago. It's still one of my favorites. But, with all the animal prints we are seeing coming in this Fall this WHBM scarf will be right on-trend and a classic for years to come.

Where: White House Black Market

Cost: $35.40 on sale

So often women wear their scarves like this aqua one on the gal to the right. (winter or silk scarves) Yes, this gal is adorable but, this scarf is over taking her, adding bulk. It’s almost as if she’s hiding behind this scarf. She is petite and a little bulk doesn’t matter but, for us average gals, this added bulk, adds the illusion of weight. Try some of these other scarf styles instead.

Think outside the box. Here I took my CARLISLE silk scarf and wrapped it around my waste as a wrap belt. It gave my outfit a pop of color and texture.

Happy Wardrobing !


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