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Stylist Saturday: Out of Quarantine!

This is the First "Stylist Saturday" post in quite some time. The "Stay-At-Home" order for Covid 19 has begun to lighten and we are aiming to get back to some semblance of what our normal looked like. To be honest, after such a heart-wrenching time here in the Twin Cities, it seems silly to talk about fashion and clothing. But, this is what we do. For me, clothing has always brought me joy. Fabrics and textiles have stimulated creativity, and at times, been a nice distraction. So, here we go!

One of the first places I am looking forward to going back to is the Mall of America. I haven't been there since the end of March. That's so weird! It's typically our second home. It's rumored to open some time this week so, by the time this post happens,maybe that will be true. (I hope so.)

Summer is here. Temperatures are starting to climb with humidities that turn to rain. I am thankful for the gorgeous sunshine but, it also makes for warm days and the need for less fabric or removable layers.

I saw this look of this gal in her white blazer and denim cut-offs on Pinterest and liked it. It's so Summer Chic. I thought, "Could I pull this off?" I have a completely different body shape from this woman. She is a long and lean Pear shape and I am an Apple shape with a tummy that makes me self-conscious . But, this could be a fun outfit for returning to "The Mall", maybe an outdoor patio at a restaurant, or a small gathering in our backyard with a couple of friends.

Left: Is my rendition of a cut off shorts look that is casual yet, sassy.

I'm not a big fan of tees and I try to camouflage my tummy so, this front tie sleeve-less blouse is a great alternative paired with my white long blazer and cut offs. I can wear Summer sandals or white tennies for long hours of walking at the mall but, for this look I chose my taupe toe sling-backs with floral print.

Break out your shorts and sandals and make a statement when you return to "the mall"!

Happy Wardrobing!


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