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Styling a Graphic Tee: Stylist Kathy

The stylists at À La Mode have been blogging on​ themes this Spring, showing how each of us style certain items; from skirts to hats to blazers and now, a graphic tee.

Honestly, I don't wear t-shirts; I don't unless I'm painting. So, I had to go buy a graphic tee that I actually liked in order to participate in this theme series. I found one, though! My graphic tee is green with a black cat print. (similar option)

For a Summer-y look, I paired it with some Gap wide leg jeans, a white utility jacket, white espadrille sneakers, a green leather belt, and a long silver boho necklace (that is hard to see in this photo). I could easily wear this to get groceries, go to a neighborhood barbecue or an evening walk around the lake.

Here's to branching out and trying new things.

Happy Wardrobing!


***Create the look by clicking on the images below to purchase product***

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