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Hair Accessories: Stylist Kathy

I have thick hair. I have broken so many barrettes in my hair just because they can't hold the thickness that I need them to. So, I like claw clips; they grab into my hair and don't let go. I have naturally wavy, somewhat coarse hair so when I'm putting my hair up it's always a messy look. I also have a short forehead and look best with a bit of height to my hair; claw clips make this easy.

I don't venture out from my comfort zone when it comes to my hair but, every once in awhile I pull part of my hair up in a ponytail and leave the rest down. I tie a scarf around the pony for an added touch of playfulness.

Nothing too complicated. But, these are fun ways to change up our day in and day out hair.

Happy Wardrobing!


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