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Shorts: Stylist Devin

Once the temperature hits 60 degrees, you can typically find me in shorts, either jean shorts or running shorts. I love jean shorts but I have a really hard time finding a pair that fits me right. Because of this, I like to start shopping for shorts in mid-February. This is usually when stores start to get their spring shipments. I swear I try on 100 pairs of shorts before I find a pair that fits well!

This year was different though. I finally knew exactly what I was looking for a; light wash and a raw hem. I finally figured out that dark wash shorts and ones with a rolled hem make my legs look short and stubby. I only tried on about 10 pairs of shorts this year before I found this pair! Thank you, Urban Outfitters, for coming through and having the perfect pair of Levi shorts! They are a great length for me as they are still pretty short but still cover my bottom. I tend to have this problem since I have long legs for my body! They are also a high rise button fly so they really hold everything in!

Jean shorts can be worn with so many different tops, but I always wear them with a graphic tee and a pair of sneakers. It's the perfect outfit for running errands in the summer or any casual activity. Since I have a short torso, tees always run long on me. I can get away with a front tuck with jeans because there's more fabric on the bottom, but with shorts, my t-shirts almost touch the hem of the shorts. Therefore, I like doing a knot with my tees to make the shirt shorter.

Here's to warm weather!


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