Styling Shorts: Stylist Kathy

Summer is just around the corner. And with this Covid-19 stay-at-home lifestyle, I think I will be wearing shorts this Summer more than I have since I was a teen. In the past, I dreaded Summer because I just never felt confident in my shorts outfits. I'd gained weight and I felt insecure about my mid-section. About six years ago, I made myself face my Summer wardrobe and give myself advice like I'd give my clients. When I did that, my Summer wardrobe came to life.

For me, I did not have the right things in my wardrobe to pair with my shorts. I like shorts but, if you aren't pairing tops that flattter your body shape the shorts don't stand a chance. Shorts, for me, are mainly worn for casual. So, you'll see here, my casual summer shorts paired with tops.

Let's talk legs. We want our shorts to land in the most flattering spot on our legs. We want to aim for the hem of our shorts to land at the bottom of our thighs, at that beautiful curve that goes inward on our legs.

If wearing longer shorts aim for above the knee. We don't want peddle-pushers (that's a style that will age us for sure.)

cargo - Since I'm straight through the hips, I like cargo shorts. The side pockets give the illusion I have hips. If you are hippy, avoid styles with pockets or embellishments on the hips; they'll do you no favors.

styling tip - Do a one hand tuck or wear a wide leather belt and completely tuck in a blouse-y shirt.

boardwalk - Boardwalk shorts are cute as long as they don't get too long or tubular. We want a little shape, curve of the leg, or taper in our shorts to give us curve in our legs. When boardwalk shorts are straight on the leg, it makes our legs look wider and stumpy. They can be tricky. Honestly, they are not my favorites.

Styling tip - Tuck in flowy tops or pair a tailered button up untucked. Make sure your top, if untucked, doesn't get too long. When tops are too long, they add the appearance of weight and if the hem lands on your hipline, they accent your hips. Boardwalk shorts are nice to pair with a heel or wedge to add length to the leg since they are longer in length.