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Styling a Blazer: Stylist Kathy

Each A La Mode Stylists is going to be showing you in the next two weeks ways we like to style blazers. When I first heard this idea, I thought "easy!" But, as I've approached writing this blog I've found that there is so much I would like to tell you and there's not enough time.

A blazer that is a winner on one gal can be horrible on another and vice versa. So, first of all I am going to suggest first and formost to make sure the fit of your blazers are flattering to YOU. We are looking for blazers that follow the contour of our bodies, that don't land on the hip line (accenting the hip), shoulder seams sitting at the shoulder and sleeve lengths landing just below the wrist bone.

Since I am the first stylist to write about blazers in this series, I'm going to start with a basic black blazer. Most people own a black blazer; it's usually the first purchase a woman makes coming out of college and entering into the work world .

When I worked retail, women would come in looking for that interview suit. They'd grab a black blazer, black trousers and a white button up. Here's that combo on me. It's so boring, unless you're a waiter!

So, I advise women to add a blouse of interest. When you pick a color or print it makes you stand out and be memorable, considering many applying for that position are arriving in this same uniform. And...get away from the button up. Pick a softer, more movable fabric.

In the outfit to the left, I have the same black blazer on as above but, I've paired it with a floral print top with a front tie bow. I cuffed the sleeves for a more relaxed look and to show the lining as a contrast print. I traded the trousers for a pair of ankle pants and put on a black belt as a finishing touch. This is a comfortable, polished look for an interview and a go-to-the-office professional look. If interviewing for a more formal position, I'd keep the trousers on. But, if you are interviewing for a creative arts or marketing position, this look shows you are in the know of the current culture and have personality.

Here's another black blazer look. Investing in a few simple print tops to pair with your black blazer will go a long way. I lead my clients to basic cuts that won't compete with the blazer or get too loud for work.

This simple print red v-neck blouse gives the black blazer/black pants a completely different look. I put a long necklace on to bring the eye downward and give detail to the front of the blouse.

Lastly, To get the most out of your blazer it should be versatile. Don't be afraid of pairing it with a colored ankle pant. You can go from work to a more casual weekend night out, too. Replace the black ankle pants with a denim, or like I have, an olive green denim. Playing with patterns, I switched out the black belt for a leopard print belt.

Looking forward to seeing the tips and style options from the other A La Mode Stylists in the week to come.

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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