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New Blazer: Stylist Kathy

Do you have blazers in your closet that you can't quite figure out what to pair them with? Maybe the color is a bit odd or the plaid is a bit mute. I was introduced to the store "UNTUCKit" this week. I'd been in it before looking at shirts for my husband but, I did not realize that they had a women's line of shirts, dresses and blazers, too. The store at the Mall of America caters to men but, if you ask, they will bring out options from their backroom stock for women. So, that's what my friend and I did. They brought out two wool plaid blazers; this camel color and a gray plaid. ( I can not find these blazers on their website; only their new Spring line.) I thought they were boring until I rolled the cuff and saw the lining. The blue and white stripes playing off of the camel plaid brought life to this blazer. I bought it and knew I would wear a blue foundation with it; whether that be jeans or ankle dress pants.

Looking at the lining details gave me inspiration to pair fuscia accessories. Easy - Done! Look at the lining details of your blazers to see if they have finishing touches that inspire you, too.


Before I wore the blazer, I made sure to remove all the tacking stitches. These are the stitches that clothing makers put in clothing to keep them in place while in transit from the factory to the store floor. Last Summer, while in D.C., I was shocked by the number of suits (on both men and women) that walked past me with the tacking stitches in them. It was so common around me I wanted to stand on the corner and offer scissor services to cut them off of the many suits going by with them still in. This is not a detail; this is only for packing purposes. Make sure your stitches are removed before you wear your blazers out the door.

Camel Plaid Blazer from UNTUCKit = similar

Navy shell top = similar

Blue Jeans (straight cut) = similar

Fuscia pendant necklace = similar

Fuscia suede belt = similar

Tan Pointy-toe flats = similar

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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