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Pollini Shoes - BOTW

What it is:

Pollini Shoes

Where I bought it:

Cost: $64.00 (orig. $144.00)

How I will wear them:

I will wear these mainly with jeans. I could wear them with a Little Black Dress or any ankle pant but, to me, they will get the most use when paired with an ankle denim and a blazer. They are hunter green velvet with a silver sparkle heel so, these are definitely a Winter statement piece shoe.

Why did I buy them?

Working in many different women's closets, I get exposed to new brands all-the-time! Yes, I love Jimmy Choo and Prada but, there are so many brands out there that I can not keep up with them all. Recently, I was in a client's closet and she had mostly Pollini brand shoes. I was impressed. Every pair had personality and a block heel. For women that need to look professional and yet, walk a long day on marble floors, whether that be the courthouse, or like me, the Mall, we need more support to keep our feet comfortable. I knew it would be a gamble to buy online a pair without trying them on so, I bought this pair on sale. ( I don't do online returns.) The fit was perfect! I am now a Pollini shoe fan!

Final Rating: 5 stars

Happy Wardrobing!


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