Coveralls: Stylist Kathy

February 8, 2020




Everyone who's been around me very long knows I love the color green!  (It probably has to do with my green eyes.)  When I was nineteen, I had a pair of olive green coveralls, very similar to the style of the ones I have on here.  Of course, three babies later I haven't been able to fit in those for over 30 years!  So, when I was shopping with a client at the Mall of America a couple weeks back, I saw these coveralls (also called broiler suits or flight suits) at the Lucky Store and it took me down memory lane. 





After I finished working with my client I decided to go back to see if the coveralls were worth considering. 


I wasn't quite sure if after gaining weight this style would still be appealing.  But, as I tell my clients, "If you are a pair shape you'll always be a pear shape, even if you gain 50 pounds!"  The go-to styles for a bodytype will not change, just the size changes.  I was an Apple shape all those years ago and coveralls worked for me and I'm an Apple shape now.   So, with that in mind, I tried them on; I liked them.  The straight cut of the coveralls followed the straightness of my waistline (kind of like a shift dress would) flattering my shape.  And...The Lucky Store was having a crash sale that brought the price down 60%; that helped my decision.  What an easy and on-trend look!  I bought them. 


I paired them with Tortoise shell pumps and Gold hoop earrings - Done!  


Coveralls are not just for Apple-shape women.  They come in many different styles and cuts that flatter different body shapes.  It's worth trying them on and giving them a chance!  


Coverall Options:  




Tortoise Shell Shoes: 

Steve Madden

Ann Taylor


Gold Hoop earrings:  













Happy Wardrobing! 





Kathy Banta




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