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Cozy Must-Have for Fall/Winter

What it is:

Where I bought it:

Cost: $69.50

How I will wear it:

During the Fall and Winter, I live in sweaters and jeans when I'm shopping and at home. I tend to gravitate towards classic styles that will stand the test of time and trend. I have found that I typically have two sweaters each Fall that are tossed away, due to excessive pilling or yarn holes. So, I keep my eyes open for two to add to my collection each year. I've had my eye on this cream sweater with red stripes at The Loft but, it sold out fast. It's a good thing because, I would have ordered it in a size large. Today I walked into the Mall of America location, and found that they had a size run of them. I tried it on and found that it was quite generous in sizing and chose to purchase it in a size small. I liked it so much that I bought it in black, too.

Ways I will wear them?

I will wear them with skinny jeans and booties or leggings and tall boots.

Final Rating: 5 stars - Cozy "Must-haves"

Happy Wardrobing!


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