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Wardrobe Essential: Buy-Of-The-Week

What it is:

Ann Taylor's Ankle Pant in Cotton Twill

Where I bought it:

Ann Taylor

Cost: $89.00

How I will wear it:

This week I stood among a group of women, wearing some black ankle pants that I'd had for some time; I hadn't worn them for awhile but, assumed they still fit. As the evening went on, I could feel that the fabric on the back of my legs loosening and stretching, forming wrinkles on the back of my thighs. This is a look I direct my clients away from. I became self-conscious and wanted to put myself in a corner with my backside to the wall. Here I am a wardrobe consultant that talks to people about fit and I could tell that these pants were not standing the test of use and were stretching beyond "good fit". Yes, even stylists have wardrobe frustrations from time to time.

I returned home, tossed the pants, and went to Ann Taylor the next day and bought a new pair of black ankle pants. Black Ankle pants are an essential basic to my wardrobe. I love the look of these pants and the feel of the fabric if fantastic with a stretch that moves with me, not over-stretching.

Ways I will wear them?

Final Rating: 5 stars - A "Must Have" Essential for my wardrobe

Happy Wardrobing!


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