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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Wednesday I attended a LABtalks-MPLS in the event room at Hennepin Made. The topic of the day was "sustainable fashion". The panel of speakers were Emma Olson and Bobbi Barron of the shop Hazel & Rose, Cat Polivoda of Cake and Martha McQuade of MAD. They talked about how thrifting has become cool. I smiled to myself because, this is something I've been doing all my life. I started thrifting when I was young because it was what I could afford. Now, it's what I love! To me, it's like digging for gold. I can find gems and high end items for next to nothing; often still with tags on them!

The speakers talked about recycling clothing by donating but, many of the attendees were business owners too and so, they spoke of ways they are recycling and not throwing garmets away but, repurposing them. It was interesting to hear of how artisans are creating new clothing, rugs, purses, and more out of clothing we've moved on. So, for Stylist Saturday, I am going to feature what I wore to the LABtalks.

I wore this green silk blouse that I found thrifting. I paid $6 for it. (Yep, six dollars!) The rest of my outfit was from Banana Republic and Zara but, the green top was my recycled piece of the day. After I returned home, I switched to jeans and continued to wear this blouse to my son's High School choir parent's meeting. This is just a simple basic blouse but, I want to nudge you to keep mixing it up with the items in your closet. Get the most wear out them. You know you've found a keeper of a piece when you can mix and match it in multiple ways.

Happy Wardrobing!!


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