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Buy-of-the-Week: Steve Madden Sneaker

What it is

Why I bought it

I bought Steve Madden Camo sneakers last year. I've always liked camoflauge mixed into everyday wear. I loved these tennies and found them to be the most comfortable shoe for power shopping with clients. The body of the shoe is made out of a fabric much like a scuba suit; it stretches with your foot. When that pair began to die I went to buy another pair to replace them but, the design had been updated from its sleek look to a more sporty style. The new model had a thick white tread that stuck out more on the sides. It was an adjustment for me to look at them. Could I wear these? I put them on and walked around in the shoe department. They were so comfortable I knew I'd have to adjust my thinking. Since purchasing them, I've gotten quite a few compliments and I've grown to like the wide white tread.

Where I bought it

Nordstrom - Mall of America

How will I wear them

I've worn them mainly with skinny jeans or leggings.





Happy Wardrobing!


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