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Buy-of-the-Week: Denim Jacket

What it is

denim Jacket

One of the things I look for when I do a closet analysis, is a denim jacket. About fifty percent of the time women don't own one. If they do, I look at the fit to make sure it's flattering. Here my neice Indy is wearing hers, demonstrating a more casual look.

When choosing a denim jacket, we don't want too much bulky fabric on the arms or at the area where the sleeves meet the chest, above the bust. If there is too much added fabric there, it looks sloppy and adds the appearance of weight. Another thing I look for in fit, is a jacket that follows the line of a woman's shape.

Why I bought it

I love dressing up but, blazers can give a more starchy feel sometimes. My denim jacket gives me a more casual, approachable look when paired with a dress or skirt.

The denim jacket use to be worn only for outdoors but, it has evolved into a much more usuable piece of clothing that can create a casual feel to a dressy outfit. We're seeing it go to the office now that business casual is more the norm.

Where I bought it





***** I have worn it so much! Gotten my money's worth out of this purchase.

Happy Wardrobing!


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