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Style Watch: Blast from the Past

When I saw these pictures of my friends, Mary and Dale from 1973, I was amazed at how true it is that fashion comes and goes and comes back around! This picture looks like it could be an add for Anthropoligie, TODAY. Floral prints, flowy fabrics and purple are all on trend, NOW.

For example:

This green paisley dress is currently selling at Anthropolie, appropriately called the "Seventies Shift Dress". It has short puff sleeves with buttons down the front.

This "Carly Patchwork Dress" is another throwback in color, print and fabric. You can find the seventies in the styles on the racks but, I'm telling you, you might want to go digging in the back of your mother's closet for an ontrend fashion treasure!

This kelly green Yumi Kim Clarissa Buttondown Dress shares details like the puff sleeves and fabric covered buttons of the dress Mary was wearing. Feminine details are bold and strong in fashions again today.

Lastly, I have to share a link to the classic black Muscle Tee like Dale is wearing. Some things never go out of style!

Have fun looking through your old photos, too. Maybe you'll see some styles that we are seeing come back around again!

Happy Wardrobing!


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