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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Last week Stylist Sydnie and I went walking about Grand Avenue in St Paul, looking to catch people with stylish looks for our "street style" posts. While on Grand Avenue, we stopped at the JCrew and Sydnie snapped this picture of me.

My outfit is easy to put together. Every item of this outfit is comfortable and a favorite go-to piece. Here are some links to similar items.

belt: red belt

jacket: field jacket (this is my most worn item in my closet.)

shoes: Aldo flat

While walking through the stores on Grand, we spotted items that we thought were real winners, worth highlighting. Some women do not like camo but, I love it! It can add a little personality to a classic outfit. This camo zip up cardigan was found at JCrew.

This basic black dress was not so basic when we got close enough to touch it. It was 62% Rayon, 34% Nylon, 4% Spandex. That 4% of spandex gives it the perfect amount of stretch to make this a winning dress for polished comfort. (Found at The Loft)

Scarves are something I have always had but, not really worn until the last couple years. I realized that I do not want a scarf that could double for a table cloth, those big square scarves add too much bulk to women and we get lost in the fabric. The Kristina Printed Scarf, found at Anthropoligie, is perfect! They are uniquely diamond shaped. The prints are fun for Summer but, will be even more fun for layering this Fall.

Lastly, we found this charcoal gray "Freewheeling Jacket" also at Anthropoligie. It had the shape and look of a moto jacket but, it was soft and had a stretch to it that caused us to keep touching it. This would be a wonderful Fall splurge for a wardrobe.

(It's obvious that I love patterns and textures and I have an appreciation for comfort.)

We're on our final stretch of Summer. Enjoy it! Soon we'll get back in the groove of our work/school routines. My September calendar is almost booked out with appointments to shop with many of you. I can't wait! Looking forward to seeing you again and to shop for those fresh looks for your Fall wardrobes.

Happy Wardrobing!


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