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Buy-of-the-Week: Long Cardigan

What it is

Long Cardigan

I'm getting excited for Fall weather. More importantly, I'm excited for Fall fashions. With that in mind, I am thinking about my Fall clients who will be looking to freshen their Fall looks for the office.

My husband said something that made me laugh, while we were talking about Fall wardrobing. He said, "Cardigans have never been sexy." I about choked laughing! But, he's right. Most of the time, a cardigan is added to an outfit for warmth or to go over a sleeveless dress or top; it's the after-thought, it's not the focal point. But, in this outfit to the left, the outfit has been built with the cardigan in mind; it's no longer an after-thought, it's what's making the outfit look polished.

What is it

Why I bought it

I have black joggers like the ones in this picture and this cardigan look is one that would be easy to put together.

Where I bought it



on sale now for $40.80, regularly $68.00


***** it's a timeless piece

Happy Wardrobing!


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