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Feature Boutique: LGS: Luxury Garage Sale - Minneapolis

I was on my way to check out a store that I'd heard about and I wanted to familiarize myself with. But, parking was challenging and so, I had to walk a bit. I never got to the store. On my way, I stopped and paused to look into the store window of

LGS - Luxury Garage Sale. I got sucked in.

If you've worked with me, you know that I'm nuts about thrifting. I get really happy when I discover timeless vintage pieces. Well, LGS was a whole 'nother level to my thrifting experiences. Whew! There is no digging to find an amazing piece; they were everywhere I looked. No, the problem here is having to make decisions on what and how many pieces to purchase. But, this is not your typical consignment shop and the price tags will reflect that.

When entering, you will see the spacious contemporary design of the store. It's welcoming and relaxed, allowing one to see the craftmanship and quality of the merchandise.

I combed through the racks and was drawn to a green floral embroidered dress ($575) I'd seen on runways last year.

LGS carries overstock from designers and sells these pieces for one-third the original price. This was not a consignment piece; this was a new dress.

I pulled this woven tweed vintage Chanel dress ($785), in mint condition. Who knows if it had ever been worn; it sure didn't look like it.

This beautiful Valentino silk blouse ($420) dripped with perfection.

And this Stella McCartney blazer ($195) was fabulous with it's accentuated shoulders and military patches. If only this was my size!

But, I have to admit, this Valentino military jacket ($1,395) was my favorite piece in the store. I saw it from across the room. I love olive green and camo!

And this color blocked Gucci bomber jacket ($3,195) was unforgettable.

Finding LGS was exciting to me because, this is a new venue to remember when looking for that statement piece my clients may be needing for an event. But, what is equally exciting is that LGS consigns Luxury items that you may no longer be using.

A La Mode is here to help you with your Spring closet cleaning. And, LGS would like to be your go-to for consigning luxury items you no longer are using.


Chicago- Gold Coast

Chicago- Old Town




LGS - 5051 France Avenue South, Minneapolis * 612-354-3356 * LUXURYGARAGESALE.COM

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