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Stylist Saturday: Spring Colors

The Spring Runways are full of color! These three colors have caught my eye and made me excited for Spring fashions.

1. Purple - We haven't seen deep purple in clothing trends for some time but, this Spring it's all over the runways; from pale lilac to bright magenta, to deep purple.

Chances are, you probably don't have the need to wear a long purple gown - neither do I. But, we can incorporate the color and some of the style features of these dresses into a more practical Spring look.


< This purple wrap dress has a silver buckle, off-centered at the waist with a tie sash, giving it a down-to-earth interpretation of these Runway looks.


2. Yellow - Sunshine Yellow appeared on the runways Fall of 2016 and it keeps growing in popularity.


< I'm not one to wear a yellow suit but, this yellow coat is much more user-friendly when tamed by the navy foundation. One cannot help but feel happy in a Yellow coat!


3. Blue & Green Combo - I have loved the combining of hues of greens and blues in an outfit. Something about it is energizing and rich.


Once again, no >

need for the feathered hats to wear the trend. Bring the look together out of your everyday wardrobe, giving it a new boost by combining hues of blues and greens through clothing and accessories.

Here in Minnesota, Spring feels far off. We keep getting hit with snow storm after snow storm. But, Spring will come. In the meantime, it's time to bring Spring to our wardrobe and the easiest way to do that is to bring out color.

Happy Wardrobing!!


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