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Buy-of-the-Week: Denim shirt

What it is

Denim tunic shirt

Why I bought it

I love the comfort of a soft denim shirt. Notice I said, "soft" denim. I've had stift denim shirts that have sat in my closet that I only avoided wearing. I will never waste my money of those again. The feel makes a difference to me. Not only is a soft denim easier to style but, more importantly, it's comfortable. I bought this shirt because, once I felt the fabric, I knew I would wear it.

Wear & Pair

I'm not typically drawn to wearing leggings but, I have been pairing this long denim shirt with black leggings and converse tennies. I will wear it with dark denim skinny jeans, too. Since it's flouncy, it will need to be paired with fitted options on the bottom half to balance my look.


$89.50 at Chico's Final rating

four stars

I really like this top. It was a stretch for me to wear a top this long and to wear leggings but, it's good to try new things. I think it would be the perfect denim shirt if it were a tad bit shorter but, even so, I've worn it quite a bit in the two weeks I've had it.

Happy Wardrobing!


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