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Stylist Saturday: Putting Color and Texture into our outfits

Spring is in the air! Yay!

I went out and about with a medium weight trench style coat today and left the heavy winter jacket at home. It was so free-ing.

My day was spent meeting with several store owners and managers to tour their businesses and learn about their product. This picture was taken in a dressing room at the "Lily and Violet Boutique" in Edina. This room is a non-functioning restroom used as a dressing room. It's loaded with mirrors. So, here I chose to take photos of me and how I put my outfit together.

What I love best about Spring (and Fall) is the opportunity to layer clothing, allowing accessories to be featured. I believe for a finished looking outfit, mixing textures is the key. But, it's even more fun when I can pair color and textures.

Above: Is the foundation of my outfit. I'm simply wearing jeans, a sleeveless top, with a silk top tied at the waist. I accessorized with navy suede pumps, a fuscia suede belt and a colorful artisan style necklace. But, I didn't want this to be my outfit. I wanted to wear my topper coat like it was a suit coat. My coat is a deep deep shade of teal. When I put my colorful scarf on, it pulled all the different shade of blue, green and fuscia together. The scarf was the statement piece but, without the foundation, it would have just been a coat and scarf.

So, here's how I layered my outfit with textures and colors.

7. My scarf with blues, greens, reds and fuscia.

8. Teal Topper Coat

I was comfortable and I felt good.

Happy Wardrobing!!

Kathy Banta

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