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Buy-of-the-Week: "Devon" Jeans from Banana Republic

What it is

Legging-Fit Luxe Sculpt Dark Wash Jean Why I bought them Crazy story - I had purchased a couple pairs of skinny jeans from Ann Taylor two years ago. I loved the look of them in the mirror BUT, as I wore them their center butt seam would shift to the left about 2 inches. I've never had a jean do this before. From the rear view, it looked ridiculous! To get my money's worth out of them, I started wearing them only with long tunics or boyfriend blazers that covered my butt but, I could feel them creeping to the left as I wore them and it really bugged me. I love Ann Taylor but, this has ruined me on their jeans.

So....I made a point to go to the mall and find a replacement jean. I tried a couple pairs of denim at Banana Republic but, when I tried their new "Devon" denim, I loved the feel. They had a comfortable stretch in the fabric that moved with me and I liked the dark wash.

Wear & Pair

I wear skinny jeans quite a bit in my day to day and I see these becoming a go-to pair for me pairing them with sweaters, blazers, and tunics. But now, I won't have to cover my butt!


$120.00 but, I went in on a day the store had 40% off everything and got them for $72.00. Final rating

I give these 5 stars! Life is centered again! :)

Happy Wardrobing!


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