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Stylist Saturday: Accent Scarf

I purchased a scarf at Ann Taylor last week. It was a steal! It was on clearance with 60% off the

sale price, bringing it to a whopping $12! The colors and pattern caught my eye and I knew it was something I would incorporate into my wardrobe. I am not one to wear scarves often but, I've been wearing this one all week.

Clients often ask me how they should wear their scarves. Many women have a dresser drawer dedicated to scarves that they rarely wear. They may have been gifts or souveniers but, now they are sitting in a drawer un-used. These scarves should be finishing touches to outer wear, adding a pop of color/texture to layers.

Do you have useful scarves or are they just filling a dresser drawer? Let's do a little Pre-Spring Cleaning!

1. First things first, get your scarves out and look at them. Pull the scarves that you have worn in the last six months and set them to the side. When looking at these that you have used, if you feel a hesitant or negative feeling towards one, there is a reason. If you forced yourself to wear it but, it just didn't work, it's time for it to move on. Create a donation pile with these scarves.

2. Now, look at the scarves you haven't worn in the last six months. Pick each scarf up and ask yourself a few questions.

Why haven't I worn this? Is it too big/small? Are the colors right for my complexion? Does it fit your personality? Does it have good shape? Is IT in good shape?

3. Set aside those that caused you doubt and keep those that you still hope to get used.

When we move those that we are avoiding out of our view, we can better see the potential of the others.

Some of my coats have a scarf hanging on the hanger with them. This way, I don't get in a hurry and forget/neglect to use them. They are a finishing touch but, we don't always have the time to hunt for them, so for convenience, hang a scarf with a coat.

The same idea works throughout our wardrobes. If there are blazers, or other items in your wardrobe, that work well with a scarf, put it together on the hanger.



(scarf with necklace intwined, scarf in a cowl formation, scarf worn long)

Here are some additional tips:

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