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Stylist Saturday: Beauty of Women Over 60

This blog is to celebrate the beauty of women over 60!

Today there are no rules and so many choices for woman 60+ to look

stylish elegant and beautiful .

It’s so important to show off the areas you love most!

Show your fabulous legs with as high of a heel you can bear! The key

here is if you're showing your fab gams, it looks most classic to wear long sleeves and a looser silhouette all the focus to your legs. I suggest a leg bronzer.. and to really add a gorgeous focus to your legs, brush some of your makeup highlighter from knee to ankle.

Woman should have fun with color, luxe fabrics and prints.

I love when I see woman having fun wearing animal prints, leather and brights.

Makeup is always a personal preference but using less powder makeup and more creams looks best on more mature skin. Making sure your

main focus when applying, is to blend really well!

If you’d like more tips and ideas, the stylist at A La Mode would love to guide you!


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