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Stylist Saturday: Season-less Finds

Welcome to my living room. This is where my Christmas tree stands; right where this mirror is perched. It takes up a good portion of the room but, it is beautiful for about four weeks. Then, I get tired of it as the New Year arrives and it goes back into seasonal storage. Our wardrobes are that way, too. Well...they should be. But, there ARE certain items that hold their value throughout the year. Like these olive green skinny jeans. Throughout the Summer, I cuffed them up and wore them with flip flops and white linen tank tops. This Fall, I've worn them like the picture above, with blazers and loafers. And this Winter, I will pair them with my work boots, scrunched socks and a puff vest for a wintery-warm look. It's not often that an item lasts all four seasons in a wardrobe but, olive green denim can do that. It's a versatile wardrobe option.

For this look:

* a aqua/teal pendant put on a 30" chain

Happy Wardrobing and Happy Holidays!


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