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Buy-of-the-Week: Sheath Dress

What is it? Burgundy Sheath Dress

Where did you buy it? Ann Taylor Factory

How much? $34.99 (on sale, originaly $109.99)

Why did you buy it? Sheath dresses make for an easy foundation with a statement blazer or statement jewelry. I love wearing burgundy and decided to put a burgundy sheath dress on my "wish list" this Fall. (Some of you may not know this but, I've been singing the National Anthem for the U of M Sports for twenty years. So, to find a burgundy dress is perfect for those events.) I bought two burgundy dresses and took them home to decide which I liked better. But, in the meantime, I had a client that wanted to shop the Twin Cities Premium Outlets, in Eagan. I went a day in advance of our shop and walked around to get familiar with the products in the stores. That's when I found this dress. It was exactly what I was wanting in cut, fabric and color. Not to mention, the price! I returned the other two and kept this one. I wore this to my family Thanksgiving.

How do you wear and pair? I will wear it with blazers, a denim jacket and booties, and a leather jacket and booties. What you can't see under this jacket, is that this dress has capped sleeves and will be lovely in the Spring, on it's own with statement jewelry.

Final Rating of 5 stars? I give this 5 stars. It was exactly what I was looking for and I wore it for ten hours and it didn't wrinkle.

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